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Basic Design...Basic You
It Is About Inspiration.

Who we are

Creative people who can put your vision on a screen. We make it happen. From scratch or Template. We will take you there.

Why we are

When you develop a passion for innovation. When you get inspired. It all started as a hobby, and now we create. And we will do it for you.

Where you are

Designs are everywhere. It is easy to deploy a website now. Why pay hundreds of dollars to create an online presence? We will show you how -Free!

How it starts

Inspiration grows  every day, every hour and every minute. It takes place everywhere, and nowhere, both at the same time. You have an idea. So do we.




Yes We Do!

Yes! We will help you create your online presence for free!  Because designers are ridiculously expensive and outdated! We envision a no cost website world…just for fun! We are your sunset at the end of a beautiful day!

Why do we do it

Our neighbor…Our former employer…Our close friend… They all paid hundreds of dollars for a template some designer bought off the internet, and then, this designer charged money to put your logo in it… Well.. that’s stops now.. We’ll set you up for free.

What do we get in return? The satisfaction of making a difference…of keeping basic online presence FREE.


You still buy your domain…You’ll do the work… We will tell how to do it! Free! We will even set you up with basic hosting!!!

The web…aghhh! I need a website!!, I feel overwhelmed! I don’t know where to start…How much is it going to cost me? Ok I am sitting in front of the computer and I am googling “free websites” What’s with all these ads? What? The ad said free websites! Why do they want my credit card? This is all confusing! Is there anyone who can help me…for free?   

The answer is YES!